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ABB Inverter Drive, 1.5 kW, 3 Phase, 400 V ac, 4.1 A, ACS150 Series

ABB 1.5 kW Inverter Drive Image

Date Added: 23 March 2023

Last Modified: 23 March 2023

Manufacturer: ABB

Mfr Part No: ACS150-03E-04A1-4

Condition: Refurbished

Warranty: Standard Niscam 12 months Warranty

Datasheet: Datasheet

Product Details

The ACS150 brings a level of programmability to the micro drive. Programming is via parameters arranged together into easy to follow logical groups, and arranged into a 2 level menu (short and long view). A built-in low-cost keypad allows access to these parameters, and also to the menus associated with diagnostics and reference changing.
The ACS150 comes complete with analogue and digital I/O (see data sheet) to allow the drive to be wired to your control system. A 10V reference is available to be used as an external speed reference, and the drive has a built-in PID controller, to allow process variables like pressure, flow, temperature to be controlled without external devices, connect up a relevant 4-20ma sensor. The parameter set allows motor protection, fixed frequencies and skip frequencies to be configured, as well as a number of other useful control and maintenance functions.
The motor control is scalar control, so is suitable for simple applications without the need for accurate speed or torque control, like single fan and pumps, simple conveyors and simple machines. The built-in PID controller allows the drive to control any measurable variable, and the diagnostics make machine maintenance easier.