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Food and Beverages

Food and Beverages

NISCAM have a wide range of experience in the Food Industry in Projects, Support and OEE Implementation, working with many UK Manufacturers in areas such as Ready Meals, Salads, milk and cheese, biscuits, snack foods, bread, pizza, desserts, malt and barley roasting, and bottle filler machines.

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OEE/ MES Data collection system

Food and Beverages IconNIScam have provided a data collection system for an OEE/MES system for a major Food Manufacturer for 17 UK sites. The system collects line count data from input and output sensors via distributed remote networked IO units to a Central data collection PLC for the OEE system to calculate line wastage, overall line efficiency, and gives the operatives feedback on target line rates to achieve KPI’s. The Central data collection PLC then makes the data available to the Redzone OEE system via Kepware middleware. The system also collects pack weight data from the line Check Weighers( integrating 7 different manufacturers of Check Weigher OEM machines) to minimize giveaway. The overall system has provided a significant ROI, and efficiency improvement, and this now business critical system is supported by a NIScam 24/7/365 Service contracts for the majority of the 17 sites.

Control panel replacement

Food and Beverages IconNIScam provided a 7 panel bayed suite control panel to replace an ageing system in a poor state of repair who’s reliability was becoming questionable, for a business critical vegetable grading machine providing produce for several well known supermarket brands. The control panel included a Mains incomer and power distribution section; a DOL motor starter section with over 100 DOL motor starter circuits; an inverter section with 24 motor inverters; a PLC and RIO section; and a terminal section. The PLC system also interfaced to the business ERP PC system. This business critical system was supported by a NIScam 24/7/365 Service contract pre and post upgrade, and the Service contract was used several times to keep the old control panel suite running to maintain produce supply to the retail customers.