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Logistics and Warehousing

Logistics and Warehousing

NIScam have a wide range of experience in the distribution industry implementing conveyor control, sorter and warehouse management integration projects, working with major on line retailers, and equipment suppliers, and providing essential fast support response as demanded by this sector.

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Recipe Box Vendor Conveyor Control system

Logistics and Warehousing IconNIScam supplied a Conveyor control system, and system integration for a well known Recipe Box supplier. The conveyor system comprised of 2 lanes, one supplied by a multi-sized/ cartridge cartoon erector, and the other supplied by a single sized carton erector. The system included a transfer section, so the output from each Cartoon erector could be transferred to the other lane when needed, and according to the carton LPN ID. The system comprised 2 barcode readers per lane, one to read the Carton LPN to determine the carton routing, and the other to read the LPN and interface to the site WMS to verify the correct application of the print and apply courier label. The control system controlled the conveyor system via variable speed drives and a 24V DC drive roller system. This was an Automation development project for an initial 2 lanes for the fulfilment warehouse, and is now being rolled out to the other warehouse lanes. This business critical system is supported by a NIScam 365/24/7 Service contract to minimise downtime.

Make up fulfilment Warehouse despatching system

Logistics and Warehousing IconNIScam supplied a conveyor control system for a well known Make up order fulfilment company for a despatching system. The system comprised of 2 lanes for which operators placed boxes with completed orders with an LPN ID barcode label. This ID label was read by a barcode reader prior to the courier label print and apply section for application of the correct courier label. The system also comprised of a transfer section, so boxes could be transferred to the other lane in the event of an error on a lane e.g. Printer and apply labeller ink or label supply issue. The system included an interface to the site WMS, and handled a variety of label formats for each courier company.