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Allen Bradley Inverter Drive, 4 kW, 3 Phase, 400 V ac, 10.5 A, PowerFlex 40 Series

Allen Bradley 4Kw AC Inverter Image

The PowerFlex 40 AC Drive by Allen Bradley is a highly versatile, cost-effective, compact motor control solution which provides greater ease-of-use. These inverter drives have sensorless vector control to meet low-speed torque demands. They can be installed and configured easily due to their simple programming and flexible enclosure options. These motor control devices are particularly ideal for OEMs, machine builders and end users.

Allen Bradley Inverter Drive, 0.75 kW, 1 Phase, 240 V ac, 4.2 A, PowerFlex 4M Series

Allen Bradley 0.75Kw AC Inverter Image

Experience powerful and precise motor speed control with PowerFlex 4M Single-Phase Input Frequency Controllers by Allen Bradley. These compact, cost-effective inverter drives are perfectly suited for machine level control. PowerFlex 4M drives offer application flexibility, feed through wiring and ease-of-programming to provide you with a streamlined and highly efficient motor control solution.