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Electronic Repairs

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Electronic Repairs

Device repair is often the most cost effective solution to a failure. NIScam have an experienced team of Electronic Engineers on a wide range of devices, and offer fast turnaround after an initial assessment and quotation which is free of charge.


Need an item repairing? NIScam can repair new and legacy equipment. Including PLC’s HMI’s, AC and DC Drives, Servo Drives, Power Supplies and PCB’s down to component level.

NIScam's Electronic Repairs Solution

PLC Systems

Thanks to our extensive library of software, communication leads and test rigs, NIScam have the ability to repair and fully functionally test PLC’s, I/O cards and HMI’s from all of the major manufacturers, including Siemens, Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi etc.

Drives and Motion Equipment

NIScam can test and repair a wide range of Inverters, Servo Drives and DC Drives in our bespoke drive test area. All drive repairs include an overhaul which involves the replacement of age degraded components such as electrolytic capacitors and cooling fans to ensure a long life.

General Products

NIScam repair of all types of industrial electronic equipment from obsolete to latest generation. Our highly skilled engineers are able to identify faults down to component on anything from a basic PSU, Precision Instrumentation Equipment or the latest generation HMI.

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